Nov 18, 2015

November Member of the Month - Kim Cramer

We want to give a HUGE shout out to Kim Cramer, one of our November Members of the Month! Kim is another new member making a large impact on the Junior Council. Kim has spent a lot of time attending all of our events. She has also attending our JC work nights and focused hard on Snowball and bringing new sponsors, auction items and more to the event. She has dedicated a lot of her own time to help the Junior Council be successful. Thank you for all your hard work Kim! You're doing a great job. Keep it up! 

November Member of the Month - Ray Waters

Congratulations to one of our November Members of the Month, Ray Waters!!! Ray is a new member to the Junior Council and came in ready to work. She has attended all of our latest Junior Council meetings, events and hospital tours. Ray has been a major help at all of our JC work nights. She has been spending a lot of time and energy obtaining some amazing auction items for #Snowball2016! Ray has made a huge impact already and we look forward to see what she brings in the future! Thanks for all your hard work, Ray!!! 

Nov 12, 2015

Snowball Kick-Off Party!

Junior Council's Snowball Kick-Off Party is almost here! This party takes place on Friday, November 13th at The Underground Chicago from 10 pm - 12 pm. Tickets are $40 online or you can purchase our Snowball Ticket Package for $150. The Snowball Ticket Package is your chance to save $50 on your Snowball ticket. Snowball ticket prices will increase to $135 after the kick-off party so jump on this great deal! 

Tickets will be available until 5 pm on Friday, November 13th. Depending on capacity we may be selling tickets at the door for $45 but don't risk it! Purchase tickets here
**Snowball Kick-Off Party ticket If you refer 10 friends to the Snowball Kick-Off party at The Underground Chicago or 5 friends to the Snowball Ticket Package you will receive 25 #Snowball2016 raffle tickets. For every additional ticket you get 5 raffle tickets. To receive your raffle tickets email your friends names that are attending the Kick-Off party to Annie at

Can't wait to kick-off Snowball! See you there!