Apr 22, 2014

April Member of the Month - Kelsey Wallace

Congrats to one of our April Members of the Month,Kelsey Wallace! Kelsey has an amazing background in event planning and has been working closely with our executive board on putting together a networking event for some of our previous sponsors and potential sponsors. She was also a great help with snowball planning in soliciting donations from different companies! Thanks for all your hard work, Kelsey!!!

Apr 21, 2014

April Member of the Month - Hank Bell

Great job to Hank Bell, one of our April Members of the Month! Hank has been a very active member of the Junior Council throughout the entire year. He has always been very helpful whenever needed. He especially stepped up recently, this year by locking in a few new corporate sponsorships for Snowball. We are so glad to have Hank as a member of the JC! Keep up the great work!

Catch more of Hank Bell on WGN's Dating Game Show http://morningnews.wgntv.com/2014/04/10/the-wgn-dating-game/