Jun 27, 2013

June's Member of the Month!

Congrats to our June Member of the Month, Anna Seghetti! Anna has been very involved in the Junior Council and was the winner of our recent Social Media Contest! After all of her tweets, shares and likes, Anna racked up 56 points! Congrats Anna and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Junior Council!

Here is Anna Seghetti wearing her 
Member of the Month crown at June's meeting!

Jun 19, 2013

The Generosity That Begins In...

Some inspiration as we enter summer! The JC plans events all year long, with our largest event in February, the Snowball Gala. Lots of time and preparation goes into the event - and it starts now with our social events that support Snowball and all the Snowball planning that is about to begin!

We are inspired by Plato's poetic words which reflect the hard work we are putting in now - which turns into an amazing event in February - which in turn becomes our annual donation to the kids at Lurie. Along with Plato's words we're also inspired by Lurie patient Cara's beautiful artwork!

Thank you JC Members, Exec Board, supporters, partners and sponsors for all your generous support throughout the year which makes our donation possible!

Jun 13, 2013

Go Blackhawks!! Jonathan Toews Visits the Kids at Lurie

Two things we love: the kids at Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Blackhawks!

Shout out to the Blackhawks after the long, grueling, awesome triple overtime win in game one of the Stanley Cup finals last night.

We’ll be routing the Blackhawks on for the rest of the playoffs and the kids below will too! Thank you Jonathan Toews for visiting the kids at Lurie in April! Check out some great pictures below that capture the children's excitement. Good luck to Jonathan Toews and the Blackhawks during the rest of the Stanley Cup finals! We'll be cheering you on!

Source: blackhawks.nhl.com 


Jun 10, 2013

     This Wednesday, order yourself a sweet treat from Insomnia Cookies and a portion of the sale will be donated to the Junior Council! A delicious snack and helping a good cause!? You can't beat that!